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2023-2024 MHDL Open Mixed Triples

2023-2024 MHDL Memorial Blind Draw Doubles

1st Place
Dan Plunkett &
Colton Rudolph

2nd Place
Mick McConnell &
Lee Greenwood

3rd Place
Jason Wilcox &
John McGhee

4th Place
Mykel Kequatooway &
Les Bryan

 2023 MHDL Mixed Doubles 
1st Place - Deon Grandy & Tina Wheeler
2nd Place -Robert Court & Carole Court

3rd Place - Brad Foote & Kacey Fajnor
4th Place-Colton Rudolph & Faith Hadley

2023-2024 MHDL
Ladies' Doubles

2023-2024 MHDL Men's Doubles

1st Place - Shauna Collins and Carole Court

2nd PlaceJaliah Kochie and Tracey Hatter

3rd Place- Leslie Kochie and Chloe K.

1st Place - Deon Grandy & Colton Rudolph

2nd Place - Travis Hyde & Sean Anderson

3rd Place - Duncan Egan & Brad Foote

4th place- Daniel Stotz & John McGhee

2023-2024 MHDL Ladies' Singles

2023-2024 MHDL Men's Singles

1st Place - Carole Court

2nd Place - Chloe Kequahtooway

3rd Place - Shauna Collins

1st Place - Kris Kurtz

2nd Place - Claude Clarke

3rd Place - Daniel Stotz

4th Place- Brad Foote

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