2019 MHDL Open Mixed Triples

1st Place

Tina Murray

Glenn Hynes

Dan Plunkett

2nd Place

Robyn Puttick

Mick McConnell

Steve Waite

3rd Place

Denise Yates

Adam Usher

Justin Yates

2019 MHDL Memorial Blind Draw Doubles

1st Place

Dan Plunkett & Steve Waite

2nd Place

Alf Belyea & Mick McConnell

3rd Place

Paul Hatcher & Adam Usher

4th Place

Sheila Chick & Scott Collins

2018 MHDL Mixed Doubles 

1st Place 

Leslie Kochie &                    Scott Collins

2nd Place

Tina Barrett    &

John Barrett

3rd Place

Donna Rockett &   Dan Stotz

4th Place

Gerri Gehring &     Sam Larsen

2019 MHDL Novice Doubles

1st Place - Marc Bainbridge and Travis Hyde
2nd Place - Ann Boutkan and Larry Goldade
3rd Place - Charles Gruning and Anthony Tarnowski

2019 MHDL Ladies' Doubles

1st - Gerri Gehring & Alexis Anderson 
2nd - Sheila Chick & Leslie Kochie 
3rd - Sharon Traboulsee & Courney Bolger

2019 MHDL Ladies' Singles

1st Place - Jan Sharps

2nd Place - Leslie Kochie

3rd Place -  Diane MacPherson

2019 MHDL Men's Doubles

1st Place - Jack Mitchell & Scott Collins

2nd Place - Glenn Hynes & Dan Stotz

3rd Place - Mick McConnell & Adam Usher 

2019 MHDL Men's Singles

1st Place - Mick McConnell

2nd Place -  Wayne Ramsier

3rd Place -  Bob Dimmer