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2022 MHDL Open Mixed Triples

1st Place
Lee Greenwood, Robyn Puttick  & Mark Ball

2nd Place
Geoff Barron, Tammy Marie Kaye & Bob Dimmer

3rd Place
Natasha Keys,
Mykel Kequahtooway & Leslie Kochi

4th Place
Barry Schmidt, Mary Gauthier & Tim Spackman

2022 MHDL Memorial Blind Draw Doubles

1st Place
Dan Plunkett &
Colton Rudolph

2nd Place
Joseph Lemaire &
Geoff Barron

3rd Place
Mykel Kequahtooway & Shawna Collins

4th Place
Kris Kurtz
& Leslie Kochie

 2022-23 MHDL Mixed Doubles 
1st Place - Cindy Bosch (Lizards MR) and Mick Mcconnell (Daysoff 1)
2nd Place - Diane MacPhearson (Legion 3) & Bob Dimmer (Parklane 1)
Jt 3rd Place -  

Tina Barrett (Legion 3) & Joseph Lemaire (Legion 3)

Leslie Kochie (Legion 2) & Mykel Kequahtooway (Legion 3)

2022-23 MHDL
Ladies' Doubles

2022-23 MHDL Men's Doubles

1st Place -Robyn Puttick and Lisa Jerred

2nd Place - Shauna Collins and Diane MacPherson

1st Place - Sam Larsen and Kris Kurtz

2nd Place - Duncan Egan and Brad Foote

3rd Place - Adam Usher and Mick McConnell

2022 MHDL Ladies' Singles

2022 MHDL Men's Singles

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place 

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place - 

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